I am based in Hetauda, Nepal

Fullstack Developer

Hi, my name is Ashok Pahadi. I create beautiful, fast and functional web applications.

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Great work ethic and excellent skill set
Looking forward to working together again
Can't over-state the value that Ashok brought
Amazing technical skills and quality as a person
Always on time for meetings and available at short notice
Knowledge of Laravel was very helpful
Suggestions for architecture and web page design were very helpful
Proactively gave advice for improvements
Another excellent project completed by Ashok
Commitment to the job is outstanding
Successfully analyzed and produced an identical front-end
Impressive developer
Thanks for the nice work done


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Programming is like magic. You create things out of thin air.

Here's a little about me

I have been programming since i was 4. Just Kidding! As a kid i loved playing games (who doesn't right) . This one fine day, i looked up how to make games. It all started then and there. I did some 2D/3D design, and then moved started playing with code. And now here i am.


Frontend Development

HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap |Tailwind | Vue | React

Design and Development of minimal and modern looking websites, using modern frontend technologies

Backend Development

PHP | Laravel | MySql | Digital Ocean

Development of fast and reliable backend services

Mobile Development

Flutter | React Native

Development of cross platform mobile applications



Started Learning Design

I didnot get into programming until much later. Before that I played around with photoshop, illustrator and 3d rendering in blender. This helped me accumulate some frontend skills.


Started Web Development

I started learning HTML & CSS but I wasn't much hooked until I learnt Javascript. The possibilities of things I could create while sitting on my desk blew my mind.

2019, October 1

That One Big Project

This one fine day, i decided to give myself a challange. I started working on a multiplayer ludo game. Until then I didnot have any experience with backend Programming and barely understood how it worked. This one project taught me all about the client/server architecture and how the web worked.

2019, November 20

First Job

With the help of a friend, I landed my first job. I started working for a firm named Alphatech. I worked on multiple project, learned Laravel & Vue. I learned a lot about writing clean & maintainable code.

2021, May

New Chapter

I left the company and started working as a Freelancer. It has been a scary but very rewarding experience. I have been very fortunate to have gotten to work with amazing teams on some very cool projects.


Multiplayer Ludo

Oct 5, 2019 - Nov 14, 2019

Multiplayer Ludo

A Realtime Multiplayer Game

  • Express JS
  • Socket
  • HTML, CSS & JS

This is the project that set things in motion for me. This was the project that taught me about client/server architecture and introduced me to real-time socket programming. You can view the source code below.

Tasks Completed

  • Game logic
  • Using socket for real time gameplay and messaging
  • Managing players and game rooms
Personal Project

Feb 24, 2021 - Jun 25, 2021


A Business Review Platform

  • Laravel
  • Vue
  • Bootstrap
  • Stripe

This was my first freelance venture. I was hired to work on Otzivio as a Fullstack Developer. The website functioned similar to Trustpilot in a sense that it collected reviews from people and listed them in one place. Furthermore businesses can setup hooks to automatically send reviews to customers that shop on their websites or use their services.

Tasks Completed

  • Facebook & Google Login Integration
  • Website wide search integration and optimization
  • Payment integration using stripe
  • Email hooks setup for shopify, woo commerce
  • Data import using excel
  • Automatic review collection system
  • Server setup and management along with cronjobs

Jul 2, 2021 - Sep 29, 2021


A Flyer Design Platform

  • Laravel
  • Vue
  • Fabric JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Stripe

The idea of the project was to create a website that would contain Flyer designs for Real Estate Agents. The admin would have to be able to build templates on the website, and the customers would select a design they like, and edit the template and create their Flyers from it.

Tasks Completed

  • Highly customizable Template Editor creation
  • Admin dashboard and User Dashboard and Landing pages
  • Payment integration using stripe
  • Server setup and management along with cronjobs
Global English Campus

Apr 8, 2021 - Feb 3, 2022

Global English Campus

An Interactive English School

  • Vue
  • Vuex

I worked as a Frontend Developer in this project. The platform lets students learn english by making them solve interactive problems.

Tasks Completed

  • Facebook & Google Login Integration
  • Interactive problems: Match the following, Fill in the blanks
  • Student attention & performance tracking
  • Problem template creation for teachers
Playsmart Monopoly

Jan 29, 2022 - Mar 11, 2022

Playsmart Monopoly

An educational mobile game

  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Expo

Hired by the folks at Reflex IT Solution, this is probably the biggest solo project i have worked on. Playsmart Monopoly aims to cultivate financial literacy in children through an interactive multiplayer game.

Tasks Completed

  • UI Development
  • Game logic integration
  • Pass-Device multiplayer implementation

Mar 14, 2022 - June 22, 2022


A Beer listing & review management platform

  • Laravel
  • Vue
  • Bootstrap

I was hired as a solo Fullstack developer to rebuild (old beercrawl website was written in PHP) the website using Vue and Laravel. The system has multiple levels of users including Venue, Brewery and the Customers itself.

Tasks Completed

  • Facebook & Google Login Integration
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Database schema design
  • Frontend application development

Sept 30, 2022 - Jun 15, 2023


An Appointment & Class booking platform

  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Redux

Working on the Forntend of a pretty big application with a bunch of talanted developers.

Tasks Completed

  • Landing page development
  • Dashboard UI redesign
  • A bunch of feature implementations in the customer/staff app
Share Sathi

Nov 27, 2023 - Nov 30, 2023

Share Sathi

A Meroshare Helper

  • Tauri
  • Next
  • Rust
  • Typescript

A meroshare helper app built using tauri. Just a fun project to learn some new tech. Useful & rewarding

Tasks Completed

  • Application development in tauri using rust
Personal Project



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